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1 Journal Last 150 Trades

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Tailored specifically for serious and precise reflection with minimal effort. For pro and aspiring traders alike. Most are not born with a calm introspective, problem solving and critical thinking ability, they develop it over time. Trader is designed to quickly and efficiently help you develop it.

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  • Monitor your emotions, improve your trading psychology.
  • Adapt to changing markets and build self-awareness.
  • Develop discipline and force honesty about what you’re doing/not doing.
  • Cultivating good habits keeps you focused on executing & managing trades.
  • Learn things about your risk tolerance and implement mental stops.
  • See patterns and biases that emerge within yourself and strategies.
  • Take emotions out of the process, approach it scientifically.
  • Find/build upon your strengths, turn best practices --> best processes. 


  • LIMITED TIME: Free Shipping (US Only)
  • Premium Quality Leather (Classic Only)
  • Exquisite Gold Foil (Classic Only)
  • Size A5 (8.5 x 5.5)
  • 268 Pages ~ 150 Trades + 30 Sentiment
  • Unique Content: Commandments, Gut v Heart
  • Pen Loop / Two Ribbons / Elastic Band
  • Back Inside Cover Pocket
  • Risk-Free Guarantee


We believe it would be very hard to use this over your next 150 trades and not come out exponentially better. For less than $70 you can vastly improve your skillset, and we want you to use it. If you attempt to use the journal and still don't find it useful, we will refund you 100%.


A portion of every sale will go to feed one child for one full week!  WFP - United Nations World Food Programme.

So thank you for your business :)