TRADER Journal


Trader Is Unique


Trader is entirely new and different. Forged in the fires of failed trades, painstakingly designed to not consume much time, only collecting essential information and data.

Even if you have a fundamentals only approach (no TA), this is extremely useful for decision making. Trader has instructions to help you use it to its fullest.


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Exercise Your Sentiment & Narrative Muscles!

What kind of market is this? By recording your sentiment, you can gain insight about the market at large. You'll get better at accurately viewing the trends.

Armed with your reasoning and sober eyes, you will have the fortitude to buy when there is blood in the streets, or, sell when everyone is euphoric.

This section of the journal can clue you in on trends in the market that you might not have noticed otherwise, taking note of the macro market conditions as they unfold.

Understanding the market is vital because it keeps you agile. The market is ever-changing, and understanding it can help you navigate and adapt, further cultivating your edge.


Charting Is Easy. Trading Is Hard!

Most traders can chart well; most can't execute properly. They can't perform because of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), and most times that's precisely when they should be executing.

Trading and investing is a never-ending puzzle in which you will doubt yourself at every step. You are your own worse enemy.

Good Traders Manage The Downside. They Don't Worry About The Upside.

Trader can help you learn to trade or invest from a position of power. Trading from a place of power is not about having a ton of capital, but the mental strength and understanding within one's self (and strategy) to facilitate the discipline needed to build capital.


Collect essential data over days, weeks, and more, then see the results that matter. Like profit factor, statistical expectancy (average profitability) and more.

Even more entirely unique sections, like Commandments, Gut vs Heart, and Intuition Rate.

Many sites, software, and journals exist to pick apart your stats and analyze your trades, but nothing to analyze your mental.

Yet, every successful trader or investor will tell you that poor emotional management and trading psychology will lead even the best to ruin. If you don't have the right mentality, you won't succeed in any endeavor, more so in trading and investing.

All the best traders deal with fear, the fear of being wrong, losing money, or missing out. But, they have cultivated a discipline of awareness. You, too, can develop that awareness.

This journal is useful for staying aware of emerging narratives, and managing your emotions throughout any investment, long or short term. Overall, this should help mitigate risk, because when you see what's working you can adjust accordingly.

The more data you have, the better your decision making can become. Trader collects a different data set to be analyzed. Using your views and experiences can help foster improvement and refinement in your strategies.

Trader helps improve how you generate ideas, manage positions, manage risk/reward. 

Become More Targeted In Your Analysis

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