This is a membership for crypto holders only. If you don't like or hold Bitcoin or Ethereum, this is not for you! HODLbots is a custom built algo-trading bot which exceeds at growing BTC and ETH holdings over time.

Our goal is probably similar to yours... acquire more bitcoin and Ether. Over the years we've created and evolved a trading system to do just that.

It has produced incredibly high returns (measured in coin) with minimal trading and drawdowns. It's simple to execute and has been highly effective.

It is entirely unique, utilizing TA and sentiment in a novel way. We will not be going into how it works for reasons that should be obvious.

The best part... you can verify all of this. For the past 2 years we have posted real-time verifiable trades.

(If you can't Hodl, please move on, this isn't for you)

HODLbots works best for hodlers, people who will be holding BTC and ETH for the long term. This is not a get rich quick algorithm. When you leave your coins in the strategy it creates a compounding growth effect over time.


IMPORTANT: all stats are based on coin returns, not dollar returns - we only want more coin.

  • HODLbots doesn't care about dollar price action
  • It stays in and only trades against crypto
  • Market cycle agnostic - gained in both bull and bear markets
  • Year over year the system has never lost coin only gained more
  • Bear market of 2018 saw an increase of over 2.5x in ETH and a doubling of BTC
  • Averaging 4 trades/month/per pair = not labor-intensive to execute
  • Crushes lending, staking, or DeFi rates of return

HODLbot has been refined and optimized over the years and historically catches trends early, but also kept from getting chopped when prices ranged. Trading too much can dwindle your stack, trading to little may find you on the wrong side of an infamous crypto-move, praying for a pullback.

Again, for Hodlers only!

The system feeds on volatility, giving you a way to take advantage of it and making it ideal for those who already stomach the extreme volatility inherent in crypto (the hodlers).

Imagine the odd feeling of happiness when BTC prices crash (or ETH) because that volatility can gain you more coins.



16 - 100% ETH / 660% BTC

17 - 70% ETH / 900% BTC

18 - 250% ETH / 75% BTC

19 - 140% ETH / 20% BTC

Regardless if your goal was to grow BTC, ETH or both, you would have accomplished it in this pair. 



17 - 100% BCH / 250% BTC

18 - 650% BCH / 75% BTC

19 - 145% BCH / 75% BTC

Look how well it performed across both pairs in 2018-19... during a major bear market! Did you triple your ETH or double your BTC in 2018, or did you just hodl?

With HODLbots you use your coin to make more coin. No bullshit. You can verify the last 2 years. DM us if proof needed.

Here's what growth would look like if you left your coins in HODLbots from the beginning. Starting with either 10 BTC or 100 ETH or 100BCH.



 (Past performance does not guarantee future results)

Average Drawdowns: -6%

At some point in this strategy trades will experience drawdowns, but the losing trades only average -6%. Due to the infrequency of the trades, drawdowns can last weeks. Still, as you see above, over a longer timeframe it has always come out positive.

Average trades per month per pair: 4

The compounding nature of the system and never knowing when the volatility is going to kick in is precisely why you must have constant exposure. Crypto has most of its volatility within 20-40 trading days per year, and this strategy makes sure you don't miss those swings, but also isn't labor intensive to keep up with (4 trade avg).


Please read and understand carefully:

  • To get exposure you will have to pay a membership fee.
  • Membership fee only gives access to real-time signals.
  • We DO NOT custody coins or trade for you.
  • This is a signals group only with real-time access to the bot.
  • We don't judge wins or losses against the dollar values.
  • ROI is determined ONLY in the tokens themselves.
  • Can go weeks without a trade, it's ok.
  • HODLbots goal is to increase coin balances.
  • We are NOT financial advisors, NONE of this is financial advice.
  • All members gets the same exact signal at the same exact time.


BTC Maxi (only more bitcoins, access to only BTC pairs)

  • $150/month paid quarterly = $450 quarterly payments + free TRADER Journal
  • $1,600/paid yearly (discounted) + 2 free TRADER Journals

ETH Maxi (only more Ether, access to only ETH pairs)

  • $150/month paid quarterly = $450 quarterly payments + free TRADER Journal
  • $1,600 paid yearly (discounted) + 2 free TRADER Journals

CRYPTO Maxi (want it all)

  • $225/month paid quarterly = $675 quarterly payments + free TRADER Journal
  • $2,400/paid yearly (discounted) + 2 free TRADER Journals

(if you'd like to pay in crypto please contact us)



Why would you make this public?

I know what you're thinking... it makes zero sense to release it to the public? Just because an algo makes money doesn't mean it will forever because markets change. So making the maximum amount of money while it works makes sense. Having said that, this system was designed to produce for volatility, which we believe crypto will be for many years to come. 

What are the guarantees?

None! Past performance does not guarantee future performance. There are no guarantees in investing (or life), it requires risk. Please remember any investment ensuring you a profit is a scam, plain and simple. Not all strategies work all the time.

What will I get?

Access to a private room where the bot will post real-time signals and you can be alerted. You will also have an option to mirror or auto-trade the signals through your own exchange accounts through an API trading bot within the chat room (in development).

Why so expensive?

Free things aren't appreciated, plus the price keeps the problem individuals out. It's actually cheap for something that has the potential to increase coins by orders of magnitude over the next few years. Also, there is nothing from stopping people from sharing or splitting the membership. 

Are there refunds?

No, because you'll be able to see how HODLbots has performed and we make no guarantees on future performance. There are circumstances where a refund will be given (disclaimers below).

How many pairs are there?

Currently it's configured for 3 pairs ETH/BTC, BCH/BTC, EOS/ETH - giving you opportunity in more than one pair to grow your desired coin (BTC, ETH, or both). We are currently backtesting and working on bringing more pairs into the mix, like LINK/ETH and LINK/BTC. Early full-crypto memberships will give you access to all pairs, current and future.

What are the guarantees?

None! Read the disclaimers


Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

If for any reason we suspect foul play (front-run or significant changes in the order books after a signal), we won't hesitate to shut the group down and pro-rate a refund to everybody.

The hardest part of this will be that you are in control of the trades. There will be drawdowns. Sometimes you may doubt the trade, or think the strategy stopped working. Should I still follow it after a few losses? Yes you should! We went through this and regretted it every time, stick to the system. The only measure of the system no longer working is continual and sizable drawdowns on the coins.

Finally, we are always open to offers to take this private again or exclusive. If such a scenario happens we will pro-rate refunds to every member.

The materials on this website are for illustration and discussion purposes only. No content published on this Site or Services is intended to provide tax, legal, insurance or investment advice. We make no implied or express guarantee to the accuracy or completeness of the content, opinions, or ideas expressed in our Site and Services. You alone are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, strategy, or any other product or service, is appropriate or suitable for you based on your investment objectives and personal and financial situation. We do not provide financial planning services. Investing involves risks and may result in the loss of some or all of the principal invested, you should do your own research. Past performance may not be indicative of future results.