I never intended this to become an actual product to sell. I'm just a trader with a great system and a winning edge, who kept letting emotions and doubt get in the way. I read all the right books, followed all the proper social media accounts, but absorbing all the information wasn't the same as putting it into practice efficiently.
So I moved from theory to practice. Over time I came up with useful questions and optimal routines to help me develop my trading psychology. This created the necessary discipline to allow me to thrive and to understand and see things clearer.
I enlisted the help of my children in hopes of them flexing their creative muscle with designing a journal. After that, I got the brilliant idea of starting this side project, a family project. I would be able to teach them about business, manufacturing, online sales, editing, and much much more. Important knowledge for their future.
One of the most important things for our family is giving back to those less fortunate. We decided that a portion of every sale will go to feed one child for one week in an impoverished nation. We will be utilizing the WFP - United Nations World Food Programme.

We sincerely hope you like our Family Project and find much use and success with the TRADER Journal :)